DHL Taking Africa to the World LinkedIn Article (August 2023)

DHL Taking Africa to the World LinkedIn Article (August 2023)

As a small specialty coffee roaster (in a country of origin) exporting Kenyan coffee to the world, our logistics has something we have given a lot of thought & time to before starting global ecommerce sales earlier this year.


We had the pleasure of hosting the global leadership team of DHL Express - John Pearson (Global CEO), Hennie Heymans (CEO - Sub Saharan Africa), Michiel Greeven (EVP - Global Commercial), Steve Burd (VP of Sales - Sub Saharan Africa), Megan Collinicos (VP of Marketing - Sub Saharan Africa) and Paul Malokosi (MD - Kenya) - at our roastery in Nairobi, Kenya last week.


Despite being a small (but fast growing!) specialty coffee roaster early in our journey getting Kenya’s favourite coffee direct to consumers globally, we have received incredible support from the DHL Express team.


From Paul rolling-up his sleeves and spending hours alongside our team to individually pack boxes to optimize not only how and what we can fit in a single box, but also how we can minimise our carbon footprint with every order, to Megan providing great ideas and tangible support, and Michiel even placing an online order whilst in our roastery to help us figure out the ideal workflows, the engagement & involvement of the DHL Express leadership left our entire team mesmerised.


Often, small businesses are seen as agile and disruptive; on this occasion - despite their size, knowledge & experience - every member of the DHL Express leadership team approached us with curiosity to genuinely understand our needs and how best we could use their support. So, it is no surprise that they are not only the market leaders - but more importantly the thought leaders - in taking Africa to the world.


We are excited to be a part of DHL Express's programme to support growing African businesses take their product to the world, and are grateful that through them, we are able to get Kenya’s favourite specialty coffee to you anywhere in the world.


Spring Valley Coffee to the world >>> powered by DHL Express!


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