Welcome to the wonderful world of AeroPress coffee brewing! If you're looking for a delicious and unique way to enjoy your daily cup of joe, you've come to the right place. The AeroPress is a revolutionary coffee maker that combines the best of both worlds - the convenience of a traditional coffee maker with the rich, full-bodied taste of a traditional French press.  

Whether you're a seasoned coffee connoisseur or just starting out on your coffee-making journey, the AeroPress is an excellent choice for a smooth and satisfying cup of coffee every time. In this guide, we'll walk you through the basics of AeroPress brewing and provide tips and tricks for brewing the perfect cup of coffee. Let's get started! 


  • AeroPress Machine 
  • Coffee filters 
  • Coffee Grinder 
  • Digital scale 
  • Spring Valley Coffee Espresso, Rongo or Elgon blends 



  1. Heat the water: Fill a water kettle or pot with fresh, cold water and heat it to boil. 
  2. Prepare the AeroPress: Assemble the AeroPress by placing the paper or metal filter in the cap, then screwing the cap onto the chamber. Get rid of the paper taste by placing hot water on the filter paper while it is on the puck of the AeroPress. Place the chamber on top of your mug or decanter. 
  3. Preheat your AeroPress by rinsing it with hot water. 
  4. Measure the coffee: Use your scale to measure out 17 grams of medium-fine coffee grounds. Place the coffee in the AeroPress chamber. 
  5. Pour water: Slowly pour just about 34grams of hot water over the coffee to wet it evenly (around 50-60 mL). Let the coffee “bloom” for 30 seconds to allow the flavour of the coffee to come out. 
  6. Stir gently for around 50 seconds to make sure all the coffee is evenly saturated. 

Fill the AeroPress: After 30 seconds, slowly fill the AeroPress to the top with hot water (around 260-280 ml) 


  1. Brew: After placing your cup onto the AeroPress, invert it so that you can slowly press the plunger down. Press the plunger on the AeroPress and keep gently pressing down until you hear a hissing sound. This should take around 20-30 seconds. Be careful not to apply too much force! 
  2. Serve: Remove the AeroPress from the mug or decanter and enjoy your delicious, full-bodied coffee! 

You can always eexperiment with different coffee-to-water ratios, brewing times, and water temperatures to find the perfect AeroPress brew for your taste preferences. You can also try different types of Spring Valley Coffee beans or roasts for a unique flavour experienceEnjoy your AeroPress coffee!