Roasted by hand, made with love

Spring Valley Coffee proudly celebrates Kenya’s coffee culture and the important role our country plays in producing some of the world’s finest coffees. While our story begins in 2009, our heritage stretches back a century, to the early days of Nairobi when Spring Valley was a collection of vibrant coffee farms on the outskirts of a budding city. Our name is a nod to this legacy, which we are honoured to carry on from our Roastery and original location on Lower Kabete Road.We opened on July 7th 2009 as a neighbourhood coffee shop & bakery with a twist – all the coffee we served was bought green and hand roasted on site. For two years, we honed our artisanal techniques with loving attention paid to each and every small batch of coffee that we roasted for our customers.In 2011 we began roasting for aspiring coffee brands and are proud that our Roastery is the birthplace of several well-known Kenyan coffee brands.In 2014 we began roasting and bagging coffee under our own brand, which you can find today in our cafés – at Spring Valley Shopping Centre, Village Market and Westgate – and many of the Kenya’s leading hotels, restaurants and cafés. You can also buy our coffee at supermarkets throughout Nairobi or for delivery directly to your home or office.We are – above all things – coffee lovers! We are passionate about the beautiful Kenyan coffee that our farmers grow and are absolutely committed to doing right by their hard work through expert roasting and perfect extraction.We are fanatical about getting each batch of coffee roasted to perfection and every cup of coffee just right. We aren’t coffee snobs and are always happy to answer any questions you have and share our knowledge & experience.Visit our cafés to find the coffee that’s perfect for you: find us at Spring Valley Shopping Centre on Lower Kabete Road, at the Food Market in Village Market, Wilson Airport at SafariLink Lounge, Yaya Centre 2nd Floor, Opportunity Factory on Mbagathi Ridge or the Pop-up Market at Westgate.