Frequently Asked Questions

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Where does your coffee come from?

We are passionate about sourcing, and all of our coffees are proudly sourced from across Kenya. From the quintessential highlands around Mt. Kenya, to emerging Nandi Hills, we pride ourselves on roasting only the most incredible Kenyan coffees that score over 80 on the SCA scale.


Where do you roast your coffee?

All of our coffee is roasted in Spring Valley, a Nairobi neighbourhood historically renowned for its coffee estates - the same neighbourhood we have been roasting in since 2009.


Who roasts the coffee?

Our fanatical roasting team has been together since 2009; and comprises of Mohammed & Fred, who are assisted by Godwin & Sharon; the Roastery team is led by Joseph.


Can you grind my coffee?

Of course. Pick your preferred brewing method when ordering and we'll do the rest. If you have a grinder, we always recommend buying beans and grinding them at home - but we are happy to grind for you as well.


How should I store my coffee?

Ideally, in an airtight container like an AirScape at room temperature and somehwere dark like a cupboard or pantry.


Do you have decaf?

Yes. We wanted to offer a safe decaf for a long time, and in 2023, started working with SwissWater to offer a Kenyan-decaf that has not been chemically altered.